Fortnite leak hints at big Mandalorian changes on battle royale island

The fifth season of Fortnite Chapter 2 launched with the Mandalorian from Disney's live-action Star Wars series. In addition to the Mandalorian skin, the bounty hunter himself is crashed on the battle royale island. A new leak claims the crash site will soon transform in a big way as part of larger island changes.

Since the new season's arrival, Fortnite fans have speculated about crossovers and what kind of changes may be coming to the battle royale island. The Mandalorian indicated a potential new Star Wars crossover, but it was unclear whether it would be anything more substantial than the skin.

If you head over to the new desert biome on the map, you'll find the Mandalorian's crashed ship, as well as the bounty hunter walking around the region. You can attack the character to get his thermal sniper rifle, but that's the extent of the tie-in — for now, at least.

Fortnite leak account 'InTheShade' claims that a concept artist with Epic Games expects some changes to arrive at the Mandalorian's crash site later this season, though the extent of the changes remains unclear. There are signs that Epic may have multiple relatively big crossovers planned.

Earlier in the season, leaks and hints surfaced at the Stealthy Stronghold location, which appears to be a jungle and is surrounded by high walls, that a Predator crossover will take place. Epic has all but confirmed this plan with a couple of teasers of its own, including an audio transmission mentioning predators and the date the original movie was released.