Fortnite just got a suprise graphics boost on Nintendo Switch

If you play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, then today is an exciting day for you. Epic has shipped out an update to the Switch version of Fortnite that not only gives the game a graphics boost, but it also reduces the game's size. Even better is the fact that you'll see improved visuals in both handheld and docked modes, so you're getting some upgrades regardless of the mode you play Fortnite in.

Specifically, Epic says that it has increased resolution across the board. Before, the expected resolution of Fortnite when played in handheld mode was 1,000 x 560, but after this update, that'll be increasing to 1,170 x 600. In docked mode, we'll see the game go from an expected resolution of 1,390 x 780 to a new resolution of 1,560 x 880.

These resolution bumps might not seem like much, but they should be enough to make the game look sharper as you play. Dynamic resolution isn't going away – and the Switch version of Fortnite will still use dynamic resolution to ensure a consistent framerate – but Epic says that this update should make it so overall resolutions are "significantly higher" while at the same time giving the game a more consistent frame rate that will result in less hitching as you play.

In addition to these graphics changes, Fortnite is also shrinking in size a little bit. The Switch version of Fortnite will be about 140MB lighter following this update, and while that's not a huge amount, those who own most (or all) of their Switch libraries digitally can certainly use all the free space they can get.

It's been a big day for Fortnite in general, with a new update arriving earlier today that adds Raptors to the game and makes some tweaks to the crafting system central to this new season. This Switch update is rolling out today, so be sure to give it a download if you regularly play Fortnite on Switch.