Fortnite 'Jerky' leaks as big in-game event, but questions remain

It looks like Epic Games is cooking up yet another major in-game event, one that is currently listed with the codename 'Jerky.' Though questions about the event remain, there have been a few details leaked by a known game data-miner, including the fact that this is an event rather than a future Limited Time Mode. The event will likely happen toward the end of May before the third season's release in early June.

Epic has conducted a number of in-game Fortnite events, including the popular monster-robot battle that happened directly on the battle royale island. It has become common for the company to hold one big in-game event per season, helping drum up excitement and keep the game from getting too stale.

It's reasonable to assume that Epic plans an in-game event for its Chapter 2, Season 2, though such plans haven't been announced at this time. A new discovery has been revealed by data-miner Lucas7yoshi, however, that hints at an upcoming event codenamed 'Jerky.' The discovery indicates this will be an in-game event, not an LTM.

According to a tweet from the data-miner, this event leak includes one tidbit of info: "There's no goal score before the event. Hang out and have fun before the event starts." This indicates that Epic is addressing past complaints about events happening in live matches, which could make it tricky for players to time their participation in a match.

The leak indicates that whatever the 'Jerky' event is, the game will revert to goal-free matches in the minutes before it happens. We'll have to wait for an official announcement from the company to get more details on the plan, such as when it will take place and what it will involve; presumably, it will have a spy theme, but that is yet to be seen.