Fortnite Jenga is officially a thing that now exists

Eric Abent - Oct 11, 2019, 3:23pm CDT
Fortnite Jenga is officially a thing that now exists

Fortnite has proven itself as one of the most popular games of all time, which of course means plenty of merchandising opportunities. We’ve already seen a lot of merchandise hit the shelves over the past couple of years, but now one of the strangest Fortnite-themed products has arrived: Fortnite Jenga.

Hasbro launched Fortnite Jenga today at both Target and Amazon, and while one of the goals is still to avoid being the person to topple the tower, this doesn’t seem like it’ll play exactly like traditional Jenga. For starters, the Jenga blocks are colored like the wood, brick, and metal resources from Fortnite, and the goal is actually to move your chosen character up the tower of blocks while forcing other players to move down.

Movement is accomplished by way of a spinner, which not only determines how many levels players climb, but also how many blocks are stacked on top of the tower each turn. Players are represented by four different pegs that fit into the sides of the blocks, with each one showing a different Fortnite skin.

So, Fortnite Jenga isn’t just a skinned version of the original Jenga game, but a new twist on it with its own ruleset and victory conditions. Obviously, if you knock over the tower as you’re climbing up it, you automatically lose, so that’s something you’ll still need to watch out for as you play, and removing blocks from the lower part of the tower and stacking them on top is still a core part of playing.

That means you’ll still need to tap into those Jenga skills you’ve honed over the years if you want to win. Fortnite Jenga is available today from Amazon and Target with a price tag of $20.99 and supports 2-4 players.

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