Fortnite glider redeploy returns with a compromise for critics

Last year, Epic Games briefly added a glider redeploy feature into Fortnite's default game modes, enabling players to redeploy their glider after jumping from a height that would have previously eliminated them. The change proved very divisive among players who were split in opinions over whether the change made the game better or negatively impacted the experience. Now, months later, Epic Games has returned with a compromise.

When the glider redeploy feature arrived in the default game modes, it worked the same way as the feature in Limited Time Modes: immediately, without limit, and without using up a backpack slot. Things will be different when the feature returns to default modes in Fortnite version 7.20.

In a new announcement, Epic Games said it will return the feature in v7.20 as an item that takes up an inventory slot. The redeploy ability will be found in the usual loot sources, but keeping it will mean sacrificing a slot that could otherwise go to bandages, weapons, or other gear. As well, the item has a finite lifespan.

According to Epic, glider items are "charged" and they will use up some of their charge every time they're deployed. Once the charge is completely depleted, the glider will disappear from the user's inventory. It's important to note, though, that redeploying the glider after using Rifts-to-Go and Launch Pads won't use up the charge because the player enters skydiving mode.

Once the next update arrives tomorrow, players will be able to find the glider redeploy item in vending machines, llamas, chests, and as floor loot. Epic Games says it will be monitoring feedback and may tweak the item in the future based on what players have to say about it.