Fortnite gets its first PvE tournmant this weekend: Rewards and how to play

This weekend will bring Fortnite's first-ever player-vs-environment (PvE) tournament, giving everyone a chance to battle for a few Halloween-themed rewards. The Fortnitemares Cup will task Fortnite players with teaming up in squads and playing five matches of the newly reintroduced Horde Rush LTM.

The Fortnitemares Cup tournament will take place on October 23 and 24 with three rewards up for grabs: a loading screen, the Feeling Wrathful spray, and the Ghoul-d Game emoticon. The rewards unlock based on the number of points your squad gets during the tournament; they range from 500 to 2,000 points, respectively. Epic notes that some players may not see their awards arrive for up to three weeks.

Keep in mind that these are tournament points, not Horde Rush points. The event will work by awarding 1 tournament point for every 1,000 Horde Rush points, meaning you'll need to rake in quite a few kills to get to 2,000 tournament points. That shouldn't be too hard, however, given that you get to play five matches and the cumulative squad points will be factored in.

As well — and as a nod to the fact that not everyone has three friends who may want to participate with them — Epic says that you'll be able to change your teammates if your current squad isn't working out. Each squad combination will get a separate entry on the leaderboard, though each player will only get one of each reward if they reach the point limits regardless of how many squad combinations they play with.

As with other Fortnite tournaments, you'll need to make sure your account has two-factor authentication enabled to participate. Head over to the Epic Games website for the full list of rules ahead of the Fortnitemares Cup this weekend.