Fortnite gets another DC Comics Batman crossover with 'Foundation'

Following the conclusion of its first crossover series, DC Comics has announced another Batman comic book set in the Fortnite universe. The upcoming product is called 'Foundation' and it will arrive for fans later this month. The one-shot offering, DC says, will be available later this month with special perks for buyers.

The new Batman/Fortnite crossover graphic novel was announced today by DC's Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee. The upcoming 'Foundation #1' release will see Batman return to Gotham City where he finds, to his surprise, a new figure called The Foundation who somehow made his way from the Fortnite island to Batman's world.

Batman/Fortnite: Foundation was written by Epic's Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard, 'Zero Point' writer Christos Gage, and 'Dark Nights Metal' writer Scott Snyder. Joshua Hixson was behind the pencil and ink for this release, while Roman Stevens took care of colors.

The graphic novel's cover will come in three variants: the main version was created by Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and Matt Hollingsworth. The variants come from Alex Garner, while some lucky buyers will also get a premium cover variant that was made by Mustard.

Fans who purchase the print version of the Batman/Fortnite: Foundation graphic novel, which is 48 pages long, will get a code to download special items in Fortnite, including the Batman Who Laughs skins and related loading screen. The book will be available to purchase on October 26 in multiple markets, including the US, Germany, Mexico, France, Brazil, and more.