Fortnite Galaxy Skin war: Samsung blocks Fortnite in-store demos

The Fortnite Samsung Galaxy Skin promo for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is causing some issues. Not for end-users, and not for those that already have the skin in-game. But for workers at Best Buy locations across the United States – and Verizon, and T-Mobile, and so forth. They're being duped by hardcore Fortnite fans, left and right.

If you're in the mood for potential danger, there's a way to get the coveted Fortnite Galaxy Skin without buying a Galaxy Note 9. It's not easy, and it's going to incur the wrath of any employee of a big box store or mobile device carrier you encounter. I recommend you do NOT do the following.

How to get Fortnite Galaxy Skin "free" :

1. Turn on Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4.

2. Open Galaxy Apps.

3. Find Fortnite.

4. Tap Install and Open.

5. Log in to Fortnite and play 3 matches.

6. Tap "return to lobby"

NOTE: Return to Lobby only after winning a match or being eliminated from a match.

Once you've won three matches or lost three matches and returned to the lobby, you should be good to go. That's assuming nobody else did the same thing before you on that same device on which you've played. The best way to go about doing this is getting friendly with whoever's in charge of watching the floor – and good luck on that.

This became such a prevailent issue in Samsung showfloor locations in Best Buys that devices have begun to block Fortnite altogether. Which is nonsense since Fortnite is one of the most major cross-brand promotions Samsung's ever participated in. That and Jay-Z, of course.

You'll find the following stand-up at Samsung stores and Best Buy Samsung stands across the country as of this week, if you're lucky and looking for a giggle. This photo comes from Pro Player Parallax on Twitter. This sort of thing only happens when the problem is pervasive.

It would appear that blocked downloads happen thanks to Retail Mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4. Here's what happens:

1. Download Fortnite installer from Galaxy apps.

2. Open Fortnite.

3. Attempt to log in.

4. Phone resets and deletes Fortnite.

It's not particularly simple to get past this block, if you're all about doing that in-store nonsense. The first couple of steps are the same. Then you need your own phone with a working mobile data hotspot function to push forward.

1. Download Fortnite installer from Galaxy apps.

2. Open Fortnite.

3. Connect Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4's wifi to your smartphone's hotspot.

4. Attempt to log in.

5. Play games as indicated above.

It would appear as though the block-reset happens when a check-to-login rolls through Samsung's local Wi=fi network. Which is very strange, and I have no idea how they do it, and as such I'd be really super duper wary of doing this process if you value your Fortnite account in the least.

OF NOTE: This only seems to work with the carrier-shown devices at Best Buy. Samsung devices at Best Buy stop the download of the Fortnite Installer from the get-go. Don't even bother trying, basically.

Basically don't do it

No reports of account banning or getting arrested by store cops were reported yet, but the reward isn't exactly worth the effort. Especially if you live in a big city, the devices in-store were all already used by the time you read this article, more than likely.

If you happen to live in a town JUST big enough to have a Best Buy – or you happen to know a place where a Galaxy Note 9 resides that nobody's touched, ever, it MIGHT be worth the effort. But imagine the amount of egg on your face when you find that the Galaxy Skin doesn't work on your PlayStation 4! Oh, the agony of it all.