Fortnite Fortography contest urges players to get close to dinosaurs

Epic has revealed the next Fortnite Fortography challenge, and this time you'll have to get up close and personal with dinosaurs. The raptors have just hatched from their eggs and, well, they don't have the friendliest disposition. That'll make this one of the most fun photography challenges.

The Fortnite Fortography contest is a bragging-rights challenge that seeks in-game screenshots featuring a certain theme. Epic announces the theme every couple of weeks and they usually revolve around a new skin or item added to the game. This week's challenge is no exception.

With the latest update comes a new order: Get screenshots that involve your best moments with the nearly added raptors. This can include, for example, defeating them in a battle or simply running away in a phenomenal display of terror — or both, perhaps, if you're lucky.

As with previous Fortography challenges, you'll need to share the screenshots on social media using the #Fortography hashtag to bring them to Epic's attention. The company will review the images submitted on social media and will highlight the ones it likes the most on its Fortnite blog.

Getting screenshots while actively playing the game is very difficult, of course, and there's where playback footage comes in. You can pull up your recorded matches after the game, reposition the camera, and get the perfect screenshot after the action has taken place.