Fortnite FNCS Chapter 2, Season 2: Everything you need to know

After months of waiting, Fortnite fans have finally received details on the return of the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). The season will kick off later this month and will be open to Duos players who have reached a certain rank in the game's Arena mode. Just ahead of the new season will come a training simulation to help players get ready for the event.

Epic released the new details on Monday, explaining that the new Fortnite Champion Series is open to all eligible Duos player, which means players who have enabled two-factor authentication and who have reached the 'Champion League' in Arena mode. The new season will have two tracks, one for PC players and the other for console/mobile players.

Each category will establish its own champions and offer its own prizes. For this reason, Epic notes that Duos teams that plan to compete must have both team members using the same platform — either both on PC, or both on console, or both on mobile, but not a mixture of one and another. The training simulation will start for teams on March 13 and run through March 15.

Players can expect each week of the new Fortnite Champion Series to include the top players from each server region being sent to the Season Finals. The highest-ranked Duos player from the Series Leaderboard (the overall rank) for this season will join the players.

Epic says that this is the first of future updates that will talk about the company's Fortnite Competitive plans for the rest of the year. Duos players who are eligible can find the full list of rules and regulations for the new Fortnite Champion Series on Epic's website here.