Fortnite finally has a solution for its most annoying Shakedown issue

Fortnite players have been able to shake opponents for a while now. This ability is available in Duos, Trios, and Squads matches where one opponent will only be 'knocked' if one or more of their teammates are still alive. By shaking the knocked opponent, players can see where their teammates are — but the feature comes with a downside.

If you've knocked an opponent and, for example, one of your teammates is already knocked, you may accidentally shakedown your opponent when attempting to revive your teammate. This is a problem because there isn't any convenient way to stop shaking an opponent once it starts. The entire process lasts a few seconds, which is just enough time to lose the advantage or get eliminated.

Epic finally has a proper solution for this problem and it arrived with the newly released Chapter 2 – Season 7. Starting with this season, players can now deliberately end an accidental shakedown any time by pressing the Reload button or the same key that you used to pick up the player.

This will result in immediately dropping the opponent before the shakedown is finished, giving the player a chance to recover from the accident before they're eliminated. Though this is a convenient feature in casual games, it is arguably vital in competitive gameplay where a simple mistake can be very costly.

In addition, Epic recently announced that it has disabled UFOs in Arena and tournaments in order to 'address server performance.' The new season is underway and Epic has just kicked off its FNCS event for Chapter 2 – Season 7; the company is offering a $3 million prize pool.