Fortnite exploit makes players invincible, but it's not easy to use

Fortnite players have discovered yet another exploit, this one offering massive benefits for those who use it — both invincibility and invisibility — but it's not without its problems. The exploit is currently live in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 and it'll remain that way until Epic releases a patch to fix the problem. How does the exploit work? You'll need a Whirlpool and a bit of planning.

The new exploit comes from Fortnite player and YouTuber 'OrangeGuy.' In his video, he demonstrates how to pull off the 'god mode' exploit to make yourself both invincible and invisible. With this, it will be impossible for anyone to kill you or even see your player. Needless to say, gamers who take advantage of this can steal a number of Victory Royales.

Of course, it's not exactly ethical to take advantage of this exploit and, depending on how you use it, you could even bring down the wrath of Epic, which may ban your account. Obviously do no use this exploit on an account you're not willing to use, particularly in the Arena game mode. If you're just having fun with it, though, give it a try, then leave the match before the end game.

Actually pulling off the move is not simple — you must be in a Duos or Squads match and you'll need to be near a Whirlpool where there are no opponents. This multi-step process involves building a structure near the Whirlpool and knocking yourself, then crawling into the vortex.

Your knocked player will be launched into the air and back down again, at which point it will still be in the floaty, but will also be able to shoot weapons and build. Your teammates must run over, grab you, and take you to a teleporter (like a portable toilet, for example). That partner will need to build a wall, then it'll need to be held in Edit mode.

While in Edit mode, the teammate then revives their partner, who must immediately start spamming the 'Enter' button to jump into the teleporter. Once they come out on the other side, they'll be both invisible to other players and invincible, enabling them to open doors, spray artwork, and other things without players seeing them.

Is the exploit practical? No. But it is amusing and assuming you don't use it to unfairly win matches, also harmless.