Fortnite exploit lets players phase through an opponent's roof

A recent post on the FortniteCompetitive subreddit highlights a new exploit that quick-editing players may be able to take advantage of. Unlike some exploits, which have little practical use in gameplay or require complicated moves that are hard to pull off, this new exploit is very simple. With practice, players could learn to perform this move within a couple of seconds.

The exploit was recently demonstrated in a video by Reddit user "Jrizmo" who questioned whether it was a new discovery. As shown in the video, the exploit requires the player to put a pyramid (cone) piece above the opponent's roof, then build a piece that connects to it. When the user edits the connected piece, it pushes them through the pyramid, giving them access to the roof located under the cone.

new exploit trick??? from r/FortniteCompetitive

Once the player has this access, they can use their pickax (or a weapon) to break through the roof, which the opponent hidden within would think is an attack against the cone, not the roof piece. This gives the player the chance to drop down into the opponent's protective cube, giving the player an upper hand in their attack.

Though this exploit won't have severe consequences in an ordinary match among casual players, the bug could be used during a competitive match against players who may not be aware that it exists. These high-stakes games often have large amounts of money on the line, making the use of exploits particularly frustrating.

This exploit joins other ones that appeared in the recent past, including two that made it possible to fall large distances without taking fall damages. Neither of those exploits were terribly useful, however, because they only worked for as long as the player avoided jumping. As soon as the player jumped, it would void the exploit, restoring fall damage.