Fortnite Crew players are getting missing V-Bucks, plus a bit extra

January's arrival brought a fresh month for Fortnite Crew subscribers, but some players experienced a bug: they didn't get their monthly 1,000 V-Bucks as expected. A couple of weeks later, Epic is back with an update on the issue, stating that it is now in the process of getting these subscribers their digital money — and, it notes, they'll get a bit extra this time around.

It's unclear what caused the Fortnite Crew bug, but Epic notes that it resulted in some subscribers seeming inactive even though their subscription was renewed. The issue impacted players whose subscriptions renewed automatically, and while they could still play, Epic said on January 1 that they would experience a delay in getting their V-Bucks.

In an update on January 9, the company announced that it is now processing those missing V-Bucks, meaning subscribers who didn't get them on the first of the month will see them arriving in their accounts soon. As well, the company is giving these players a bonus of 500 V-Bucks, presumably to make up for the delay.

Fortnite Crew is the company's relatively new subscription service that offers subscribers the season battle pass, as well as an exclusive skin bundle and the 1,000 monthly V-Bucks. The plan is available for $11.99/month and can be cancelled whenever the player chooses.

The game itself is solidly in its fifth season and is just weeks away from the arrival of Fortnite Competitive season five tournaments. The company recently detailed its esports plan for the season, briefly explaining the types of events players can expect, but finer details won't be arriving for a few more weeks.