Fortnite creators receive strange crop circle DVDs amid alien leak

Several prominent Fortnite creators and streamers have received packages containing DVD players and DVDs containing real-world crop circle footage. The mysterious packages arrived soon after the big Fortnite 16.50 update, as well as leaks pointing toward an imminent alien invasion and possible island abductions.

The DVDs are no doubt from Epic, which is likely drumming up anticipation for Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. Following the last big update, data-miners, particularly HYPEX, have leaked a number of details about the supposed alien abduction event, as well as some changes that may arrive at the end of this season.

The DVDs, which appear to show different crop circles etched into various real-world destinations, were sent to streamers like LoserFruit, SypherPK, and others. The packages were limited to notable Fortnite creators and streamers, underscoring the promotional aspect of this activity.

Epic hasn't commented on the packages and is remaining quiet about any supposed alien activity arriving on the battle royale island. However, HYPEX has leaked a number of details, including that UFOs will appear over the island where they will choose abductees ahead of time, then zoom around abducting them, restoring their health, and dropping them off elsewhere.

It seems the UFOs will be able to abduct entire groups of people, that they'll surface after every storm, and that they'll start to make their appearance toward the end of Season 6. Players have only around two weeks left to finish their challenges before Season 7 arrives.