Fortnite Creative used to create full game called Fourth Dimension

We've seen some impressive creations come from Fortnite Creative, the game mode that enables players to create their own worlds and games. Perhaps none have been as impressive as The Fourth Dimension, a full game that takes up to 10 hours to complete created entirely with Fortnite Creative. The new map comes from the creator 'Team Cre8' and was recently shared on YouTube by Mustard Plays.

For those somehow still unfamiliar with it, Fortnite Creative is a hub in which players can either play maps and games created by other people, where they can access the game's regular island with total freedom, or where they can start from scratch and create their own maps. The majority of games made available in Creative are called 'mini-games' for the obvious reason that they're relatively small and short.

'The Fourth Dimension' is different — it is, according to Mustard Plays, the first full campaign game to be created within Creative, giving players access to half a dozen different maps and an overarching storyline, including a boss fight and a proper conclusion.

If you're interested in what 'The Fourth Dimension' has to offer but not enough to play it for yourself, you can see the entire creation from start to finish in the full walkthrough below:

The game is accessible using the map code '1500-2565-8566,' which must be entered into a rift within Creative. To do this, get close to a rift and hit the appropriate button for your platform when the prompt appears that reads, 'Set island code.' Enter the code above to load that map, then jump into the rift to enter it.