Fortnite Creative mode is launching alongside season 7

Eric Abent - Dec 5, 2018, 10:59 am CDT
Fortnite Creative mode is launching alongside season 7

Fortnite is kicking off a new season soon, but this time around, the change brings more than a new theme and Battle pass. Today, Epic announced that it’s launching a new Creative mode for Fortnite, giving players the ability to customize their own private island. It seems you’ll be able to do a lot with this island, from designing its layout to creating games for you and your friends to play.

Details are still fairly slim, but we’ll find out more very soon. Fortnite Creative is launching alongside season 7 tomorrow, but unfortunately, not everyone will get in right away. Those who buy the Battle Pass for season 7 will get a week of early access to the mode, which will then go live for everyone on December 13. Players who get early access through a Battle Pass purchase will still be able to invite their friends into Creative sessions.

While Fortnite Creative promises to be a fairly in-depth mode, Epic warns that it’ll be launching in a “rough” state. “Fortnite Creative is new and exciting, but not final,” Epic wrote in todays announcement. We’ll be adding many new features and improvements over the next few updates. Like Battle Royale and Save the World, we’re committed to making this bigger and better over time.

Everything you put together is saved between sessions, so that's one way Creative differs from Playground mode. While Playground mode can be seen as a sandbox for things like practice, learning the map, and weapon testing, Creative seems more like a blank slate for people to let their imaginations go a little crazy.

You can read more about Fortnite Creative over on Epic’s website, which is also where you’ll find links to videos from some of Epic’s YouTube partners. We’ll learn more about Creative mode when it launches tomorrow, but in the meantime, head down to the comments section and let us know if you’ll be spending some time with the mode.

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