Fortnite Creative Mayhem Piranhas Pickaxe is free: How to unlock it

Epic is giving Fortnite players the chance to unlock the Piranhas Pickaxe for free by completing a challenge involving the game's Creative mode. Called Creative Mayhem, this new challenge tasks players with spending 30 minutes on the Creative Mayhem map, one that can be accessed through a portal or by using the map code.

Epic has launched a Creative Mayhem website for Fortnite players who are interested in participating. This tournament requires players to submit their fastest map run. Some players will get to 'join top content creators,' according to Epic, for leading their teams to victory in the main event.

The effort comes with two rewards: the Golden Flopper Spray and the Piranhas Pickaxe. Getting the Golden Flopper Spray is simple — you just need to sign up for the challenge on the Creative Mayhem website. Getting the Piranhas Pickaxe will require a bit more effort, but not much.

In order to get the pickaxe for free, you'll need to play a total of 30 minutes in the Creative Mayhem map to unlock it. The map is accessible from the Creative Hub by entering the code '1994-6642-9073' in one of the portal selection screens. The death run map is now live and will remain accessible as part of the tournament until May 11 at 9AM ET.

You'll need to sign up using your Epic Games account, then choose a creator, and, finally, upload a video of your death run on YouTube. The link to the video can then be shared on the website along with your best time run. The content will be reviewed from May 12 to 14 and the players who qualify for the main event will be notified.