Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration teases alien event next week

It seems Epic has some sort of event planned for its battle royale game next week, and though many of the details are still lacking, we do know what it will be called: Cosmic Summer Celebration. The event will take place on a Fortnite beach where players will apparently need to congregate. The company has published an alien-themed invite for players to 'RSVP' to the event.

On Saturday morning, the official Fortnite Twitter account tweeted an invite that reads 'Welcome Party' joined by a picture of a grey-style alien wearing a pair of goggles. The invite has a 'Coming Soon' banner for an event that'll take place at Believer Beach on June 22 at 9 AM ET.

The company hasn't offered any follow-up tweets with more details, though we'll likely see some over the weekend leading to Tuesday. The nature of the invite, including the alien wearing googles, indicates this will be some sort of in-game welcoming party the island's residents throw for the newly-arrived aliens.

Attending the party may be worth the effort in terms of rewards, but we have to wait and see what Epic may be offering to those who visit Believer Beach on Tuesday. There's no mention of how long this party will last, but presumably it'll be something of a revolving door.

The beach party isn't surprising β€” many of Fortnite's players are on summer vacation right now and Epic usually has season-based themes that follow real-life trends. Chapter 2 – Season 7 is just getting started; players have access to UFOs, futuristic guns, and an entirely new battle pass style that enables them to unlock the specific items they want using Battle Stars.