Fortnite concept reimagines battle royale game as Minecraft world

Though Fortnite briefly skyrocketed to claim the title of the most popular video game in the world, a resurgence of players on long-running hit Minecraft caused Mojang's game to reclaim that honor. The two games remain locked in an unofficial popularity battle, each similar with their world-building options, yet distinctly different in style and gameplay. What would happen if they were combined?

A new concept video shared by 'OfficialNasty' on Reddit shows Fortnite as if it were made by Mojang. The familiar elements are all there: the banana skin, spawning into a creative world, creating structures from materials, and shooting enemies. The activities take place within the blocky Minecraft world, however.

If Fortnite was made by Mojang from r/FortNiteBR

The video provides a high-quality look at this concept, blending together elements from both worlds in a natural way. In addition to seeing the banana skin running around in Minecraft as if we're watching gameplay footage, the video also shows the character wielding a Minecraft diamond sword in place of its pickaxe.

In addition seeing the banana skin in the Minecraft world, we also see the Minecraft interface overlaid onto regular Fortnite gameplay, visualizing how the health and backpack interface from the classic game would look in Epic's battle royale hit.

It's a unique look at the two most popular games, each sampling elements from the other to combine the best of both worlds. Of course, this is just a fun concept video created by a fan and Minecraft/Fortnite players shouldn't expect to see any sort of official crossover. Fortnite players have until August 1 to unlock remaining in-game items before Season 10 arrives.