Fortnite 'Community Choice' test lets players vote in Item Shop

Epic Games has announced plans to test a new feature called 'Community Choice' that will allow Fortnite players to vote for the items they want to see arrive in the game's Item Shop. The voting will be available for a single slot in the Item Shop during the test period, enabling players to choose from a selection of past items that will return for a brief time.

Epic is calling its Community Choice test an 'event,' one that allows players to battle against other players in hopes of seeing their favorite past skins, banners, wraps, and emotes return to the Item Shop. Players will be able to vote for the item's slot when the Community Choice event is live in the Item Shop.

Each player will get a single daily vote for an item during the event. Anyone who votes for an item can vote for other items on other future days when voting is open, continuing to do so for the duration of the event. You'll need to be signed in to your account in order to cast the vote.

Players will see how far into the event they are via a Community Choice countdown time that will be visible in the game. When the timer reaches zero, Epic will tally up the votes and use them to choose which item will return to the Item Shop for a limited time period. This is similar to the opening of the Vault, which allowed players to collectively choose which weapon returned to the game.

The first event arrived with Fortnite update version 10.30 today; it will go live at 8 PM ET when the Item Shop refreshes. Epic refers to this as the 'first' Community Choice event, hinting that it plans to offer additional voting periods in the future, but it also refers to this as a test, meaning it may not remain available as a permanent event.