Fortnite Chapter 2 Bug Lets Players Fly Boats Like Planes

Epic Games released its massive Fortnite Chapter 2 update on Tuesday following a mysterious event that happened on Sunday. Now that the refreshed version of the game is live, players have found a number of bugs, many of which are small and annoying. One current bug, however, is quite different, introducing an entirely new strategy to the game: the ability to fly boats as if they are planes.

Fortnite has been entirely refreshed for its Chapter 2 release, bringing a new map with many new destinations, as well as new weapons and vehicles. One of those new vehicles is a motorized boat, which enables users to rapidly get around the battle royale island using its many rivers and streams.

Flying Boat new meta from r/FortNiteBR

That vehicle is experiencing a major bug at the moment, one that enables players to fly it through the air like a plane. As shown in the video above, players are able to take the plane into the sky simply by navigating it to the island's new waterfall, then driving it off the edge. Rather than falling, the plane follows the same path, meaning it ends up in the air, not the body of water below.

It seems the boat will remain in the air for however long the player keeps it going. There is a downside to taking this trip, mind -- unless you're in Team Rumble mode, you'll end up dying from fall damage if someone shoots the boat out of the air. Likewise, you'll only be able to get out by navigating to a nearby mountain or back to the stream leading to the waterfall.

As with the many other bugs found in the game, Epic will no doubt fix this one at some point and it'll probably happen sooner rather than later. This isn't the worse bug to ever crop up in the battle royale mode, however; last season, for example, players figured out a way to make themselves invincible using the BRUTE mech suits.