Fortnite changes you've missed: Slurp Trucks gone, cabbages inbound

There's a good chance you've missed some of the most recent changes and leaks in Fortnite, not the least of which is the sudden, quiet removal of the Slurp Trucks. Data-miners have been picking through the most recent update game files and have identified some interesting bits of information that hint at future consumables, including cabbages.

To kick things off, there's a disappointing announcement: Epic quietly removed Slurp Trucks from the game. The change follows a recent bug that caused some of these trucks to disappear as the player moved closer to them. It's unclear whether the removal is related to the bug, but regardless, this change means players will no longer be able to quickly restore their health and shields.

At this point in time, it seems that only some Slurp Trucks are gone — this includes the ones that were located near Pleasant Park, Mount Kay, and Slurpy Swamp. The fact that some trucks remain indicate that this change may be due to a bug rather than a permanent removal.

In addition, Fortnite data-miner FireMonkey has announced the discovery of new consumables in the game version 12.20 files, including ones called 'Apple Sun,' cabbage, banana, apple, coconut, corn, and pepper. These are all listed as consumables, but it is unclear what they will actually do in the game — some will presumably give shields and health, but others may do things like boost speed.

Finally, a Fortnite player has revealed that a bug is enabling anyone to max out their metal by farming certain gas pumps near Frenzy Farms. These gas pumps don't break due to a bug, but allow players to harvest metal...up to 999 metal, making them particularly useful.

Don't know if this has been posted but you can get max metal off of these gas station pumps, they never break and keep giving you materials. from r/FortNiteBR