Fortnite Champion Series Invitational detailed: What you need to know

On Friday, Epic Games officially announced the Fortnite Competitive Series Invitational, the next round in its competitive tournament. The company has put up a $2,000,000 prize pool for this event, one that will be split up among different players throughout the event. The Invitational will begin on May 9 and last for three weekends; this will follow the Open Qualifier starting on May 2.

The Open Qualifier will be for Champion ranked players, according to Epic, which detailed the Invitational event on its official Fortnite website. The company will give 100 players per region the chance to get an invite to participate in the Invitational, where they'll then get a shot at their piece of the $2 million prize pool.

In addition to the 100 players that get a direct invite from Epic, it will also be sending invites to the top 100 players from the Season X FNCX Finals, C2S1 FNCS Finals, C2S2 Console and Mobile FNCS Finals, and the C2S2 PC FNCS Finals; this works out to 500 players total.

According to Epic, this Invitational event will only be a Solos competition and it will involve a new scoring format. The company published the official rules for the game on its website; you can find them here.

The scoring system will give 33 points for a Victory Royale; the 2nd place will earn 26 points with progressively fewer points down to one for the 51st to 75th placement. Each elimination will be four points, as well. Each week of the competition will have its own prizes, according to Epic; you can dig into the rules to find all of the details.