Fortnite Champion Series detailed: $10 million prize pool, BRUTE, bug fix

Next week marks the start of Epic's newly announced Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS), a new competitive series starting on August 17. Ahead of the first Trios event weekend, Epic has detailed what players should expect, answering questions about the BRUTE mech suit, prize pools, and more. Though BRUTE will be modified ahead of the series, Epic says it'll be available in the competitive matches.

According to Epic, the Fortnite Champion Series will have more than a $10 million prize pool, including dedicated prize pools that'll be up for grabs every weekend during the tournament. Next weekend starting on August 17, three-team players will be able to compete in three-round Trios events each weekend for the duration of five weeks.

The tournament will involve teams from each region progressing every week leading up to the Season X Finals. During the Finals, which will take place from September 20 to 22, the top teams from every server region will compete for the Season X Championship, some of them destined to be crowned Season X Champions.

Every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Epic says it will have chances to practice in both Solo and Trios Cash Cups — the company will reveal the official rules for the Cash Cups sometime next week. Players must enable two-factor authentication on their account in order to participate in any round during the Season X tournaments.

As for BRUTE, the overpowered mech suit that has players raging, Epic revealed a controversial decision: BRUTE will be available in Arena and Tournament competitive matches. However, the company will adjust the suit in the version 10.10 update, adding a targeting laser that shows players where the rockets are aimed when they're being charged. There will also be audio that alerts players when the rockets are aimed at a player. As well, players will no longer be able to exploit the boost mechanic.

Finally, Epic says it has released a hot fix for the issue that impacted Arena matches from August 1 to August 5, causing them to show Season 9 matchmaking buckets instead of Season 10.