Fortnite 'Career' player stats disabled: Here's what we know

Fortnite players are able to monitor their game performance throughout entire game seasons using the 'Career' page on their game account. This page lists the number of matches the player has participated in, how many of these they have won, the times they came in one of the top slots, and more. Epic has temporarily disabled these pages, setting all of the data to zero.

When in Fortnite, players have the option of tabbing over to a 'Career' page that shows 'Leaderboards' and 'Profile.' Selecting the latter reveals the player's stats, including the number of times they Placed in the Top 10 and Top 25, their number of Victory Royales, number of eliminations, matches played, and the duration played over that game season.

In addition to being a fun way to keep track of usage, the Career page also helps users monitor their progress over time and where they fall in the overall game's leaderboards. At this time, however, players who pull up their Career page will see zeroes where their stats used to be. This is a temporary change Epic made earlier today.

Don't worry, though — Epic says it is still recording all player data and will include that information in the Career stats once the feature is re-enabled. The company didn't explain why it disabled the stats, though we'll likely get more information once the feature returns.

Earlier today, Epic also revealed that it had disabled the Contender Solo Cash Cup for Oceania and Asia servers so that the company could investigate a bug preventing some players from joining matches. The prizes from this week's tournaments in these regions will instead be added to next week's Solo Cash Cup.