Fortnite can now run at 120fps on 2018 iPad Pro

Typically, high framerates in video games are the domain of PCs, as consoles and mobile devices tend to max out at 60 frames per seconds but are often limited to a mere 30. That changes today, at least in regards to Fortnite. Epic has shipped a new update for the iOS version of Fortnite that bumps the supported framerate to a max of 120, assuming that you have the right hardware for the job, of course.

In this instance, the right hardware is the 2018 iPad Pro. Epic is taking advantage of the iPad Pro's high refresh rate with this update, but the hardware in the tablet will also be helping things along too. Still, expect to make a graphics sacrifice if you want to run at a higher framerate, as MacRumors reports that turning on the 120fps setting automatically switches your graphics settings to "medium."

That may not be a bad thing, though. In the world of competitive gaming, framerate rules supreme, and plenty of pro gamers have been known to turn down their graphics settings so they're essentially playing an ugly game at as high a framerate as possible. Granted, those who want to play Fortnite competitively would probably pick PC as their platform of choice, but if the iPad Pro is your only gaming platform and you want as much of an edge as possible, then this new 120fps setting is for you.

Interestingly, this means that Fortnite on iPad Pro can actually run at a higher framerate than its console counterparts. The Switch version of Fortnite, for instance, is limited to 30fps, while the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are capped at 60.

In any case, this update is now live on the iOS App Store [download]. The update also adds support for thumbstick buttons on iOS 13 and above, so even if you don't have an iPad Pro, it may still have an important new feature if you play with a controller.