Fortnite C2S3 may end with major HighTower event: Here's what we know

Despite expectations otherwise, it seems that Fortnite's current Chapter 2 Season 3 (C2S3) may actually end on time, making it the first game season this year to hit its deadline. What makes this seem likely? A number of game data-miners, including some with long histories of accurate predictions, claim the next Fortnite update will be the last in the season, and it will pave the way for a major finale event referred to as 'HighTower.' Here's what we know so far.

Both of the previous Fortnite seasons in Chapter 2 dragged on much longer than they were supposed to, something perhaps partly due to the impact of the pandemic on workflows. Players were frustrated with this turn of events because long seasons can result in stale content — many complained that they were losing interest in the game. That changed with the major map update in Season 3, as well as the recent addition of cars, but those things can only sustain players for so long.

When Epic first announced news of its cars delay, players expected that this would be the first sign of an eventual Season 4 delay...but then cars arrived weeks earlier than the company had indicated, catching everyone by surprise. Now news from game data-miners indicates that Season 3 may actually end on schedule with a big event codenamed HighTower. Leaks related to the event keep rolling in.

Evidence of the HighTower event was found in version 13.40 that went live in recent days. The leaks that have followed indicate that a big rift will open up in the sky, that some tribal-like symptoms will appear all over the map, and these rune symbols may also start appearing in the map before the event takes place.

The leaks claim the events will happen around The Agency, which is located at the center of the map. A new Point of Interest (POI) called 'Crater' has been leaked, as well, one that will supposedly appear just north of Weeping Woods and west of The Agency. According to HYPEX, the new POI files are encrypted, preventing too many details from leaking, but it is expected to be small in size.

Epic is well aware that data-miners pick through game files in search of clues about what is coming, and though it took steps to prevent this by encrypting files, it still has a bit of fun. The leaked Rift sound effect supposedly related to the HighTower event reveals a pixelated, ambiguous image of a person reaching out when run through a spectrograph. We don't yet know who this character is, however.