Fortnite bug reveals the layout of Aquaman's Atlantis destination

Fortnite players have been anticipating the eventual arrival of a new Point of Interest (POI) that will be called 'Atlantis.' As you'd expect, Atlantis will be the home of Aquaman, the superhero featured as the main theme in Chapter 2 – Season 3. Though we don't have official details on Atlantis — the teasers in the launch trailer aside — a number of leaks have hinted at what we can expect, and the latest is visible to anyone who has downloaded the game.Fortnite, of course, introduced a massive flood at the end of Chapter 2 – Season 2, which ushered in the big change players are still dealing with in Season 3: an island-wide flood that covered the majority of the landmass. Each big game update has caused the waters to recede a bit, revealing more of the land that players came to know and low, as well as wreckage from the waters.

Based on past leaks and the launch trailer, Fortnite players expect that at some point during Season 3, Epic will introduce a new POI called Atlantis. Data-miner FortTory tweeted several details in late June, including the discovery of an encrypted new POI with the codename 'The Ruins,' as well as mentions of elements like gardens, monuments, chambers, a gatehouse, a temple, and more.

The big revelation came in the discovery of file that read, 'AmbientVolume_BIOME_Atlantis.' This string reveals that Season 3 will indeed bring a new POI called Atlantis and that it will be a new biome in the game, meaning it will likely cover a large area of the map. Atlantis will likely be a boss location for Aquaman similar to the Deadpool location we saw in Season 2, and it'll likely have strong bots to guard it.

A new leak highlighted by Fortnite Intel reveals that turning your game settings to their lowest level reveals what is likely the layout of Atlantis, which is still located under the water at this time. It seems the POI will appear where the large whirlpool is currently located in the NW corner of the map — and that it may be recessed into the waters, giving it a unique design unlike other locations in the game.