Fortnite bot caught teleporting helps unravel game mystery

The bots — and, indeed, most things added to Fortnite after Epic stopped publishing patch notes — have remained a big mystery for players. The machine-operated opponents behave somewhat erratically and have a habit of suddenly appearing in places you thought you'd just checked out, raising questions over how, exactly, they got there so fast. The answer may be teleportation.

After an opponent kills you in Fortnite, you are left spectating them (or some other players, depending on the circumstances). You can watch this player for the rest of the match if you'd like, but even if you don't want to, you'll still end up spectating for around half a minute or so as the next match is found and loaded.

Caught a bot teleporting from r/FortNiteBR

A Reddit user who goes by the name 'PxRedditor5' recently shared a video on the FortniteBR subreddit that shows them spectating a bot. The machine player is seen running into a wall, then suddenly teleporting to a new region beyond this area. The video is proof that bots can teleport in Fortnite, explaining why they have a habit of suddenly appearing nearby when you're certain no one was there.

The teleporting video does raise some new questions, however. Players are wondering under what circumstances a bot will teleport -- do the bots only do this when they get stuck somewhere they can't escape, such as the basement we see in the video above?

Or are the bots a bit more crafty than that, teleporting to places where players are located to ensure they're somewhere they can be picked off? The latter seems most likely given the frequency with which these bots tend to appear in new places. Some players report having seen a bot materialize in front of them, which would indicate that they are being sent to places where human players are located.