Fortnite Blockbuster contest seeks creators for in-game superhero movie

Epic Games is going all out with its Fortnite promotions and events, the latest being its newly announced Fortnite Blockbuster contest. As part of this contest, Epic is seeking amateur filmmakers to use their own game footage as scenes for their own Fortnite movie. The company wants these movies to have a cinematic feel, promising that the winner will get their own theatrical debut (in the game).

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Epic revealed the contest this evening, explaining that it is now live and will run until July 11 at 11:59PM ET. Any entries received before then will be considered for the contest with five finalists and one Grand Prize winner ultimately being chosen. The finalists will each get 10,000 V-Bucks, the in-game currency, but the Grand Prize winner will get multiple rewards.

In addition to a 25,000 V-Bucks balance, the Grand Prize winner will have their superhero movie played in-game on the Risky Reels screen. In addition, the title of their film will be listed on the location's marquee, and there will also be an in-game poster advertising their film. The finalists and Grand Prize winner will be announced on July 24.

As with any contest, there's a list of rules associated with the contest, the big one being that you can only use your own in-game footage and only royalty-free audio. Epic Games points players to YouTube's royalty-free audio library, but other options exist online, as well. Video submissions have to include "#FortniteBlockbuster" in the title.

A quick scan through the rules reveals some other key requirements: the movie has to be at least one minute in length but no longer than five minutes. There can't be any on-screen text or voice-overs, contest participants must be at least 16-years-old, plagiarism is forbidden, movies can't contain negative things about the Sponsor, there can't be anything obscene/offensive/illegal, and more. The full list of rules can be found here.

SOURCE: Epic Games