Fortnite Birthday Bash officially arrives: Everything you need to know

The battle royale version of hit game Fortnite has turned three years old and to celebrate, Epic has officially announced its third Birthday Bash event. Players anticipated some sort of birthday celebration for the latest game milestone, but it was unclear when it would take place. As expected, players have the chance to unlock special birthday-related rewards and more.Fortnite Battle Royale remains as popular as ever, with players currently enjoying the arrival of the Marvel universe on the game island. This is the latest major crossover for the game, which previously added a huge Star Wars crossover late last year to coincide with the latest Star Wars movie. Likewise, Epic is holding its Llama Rama event in Rocket League this weekend to go alongside its newly-free soccer game.

Amid all of this activity is the arrival of Birthday Bash, the official celebration of the battle royale game's birthday on September 26. The celebration involves a new series of challenges that enable players to unlock rewards, as well as a new Creative Mode prefab that is — you guessed it — birthday themed. Epic is also giving players a free emote for logging in during the bash.

Epic teases that players will see some 'festive changes' around the battle royale island during the celebration, plus the Battle Bus has once again been given a birthday makeover. Yes, the birthday cake is back, too, and the free emote is called 'Take the Cake.' Head over to Creative to experience the new 'Princess Castle' prefab made specifically for this event.

As for the new challenges, Epic is giving players until October 1 to finish the roster and unlock a new wrap, emoji, spray, and XP. Players who manage to finish all of the challenges by October 1 will also be given a new Back Bling simply called 'Cake!' — it is, as you likely guessed, a giant cake with candles and the number 3.

Check out Epic's post here for all of the details, as well as pictures of the rewards and a video of the new emote.