Fortnite alien parasites will steal your health and give you powers

Epic will soon release a new living object in Fortnite called alien parasites. As the name suggests, these creatures originate from the alien invasion and attach to players like parasites — but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It seems these creatures will offer players certain abilities that can be useful depending on the situation.Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 kicked off with an alien invasion. Players got access to futuristic weapons and UFOs, plus there's a giant mothership in the sky. That was only the start of this invasion, however, and Alien parasites are among the next big change. Players can expect to always find the parasites at the POIs with purple names, and there's a greater than 50-percent chance they'll also spawn at other random spots.

According to data-miner HYPEX, the parasites will appear as green eggs in the locations where they spawn. The creatures will emerge from the eggs if you walk near one, resulting in a swarm of purple parasites that want to be your 'companions.' If one attaches to you, you'll sacrifice some health but gain 'enhanced mobility.'

It's unclear whether that is the only ability that will be offered by these parasites or if they'll offer a variety of different boosts. Of course, you may not have enough health to sacrifice or may not need the ability, in which case you'll be able to remove the parasite. The parasites will reportedly have 75 health, while the eggs will have 60 health.

HYPEX suggests that players may be able to pick up and throw the eggs, which would mean using them as a weapon against opponents who would lose some health. However, it's unclear whether that feature will actually be made available or if that aspect of the alien parasites has been removed.