Fortnite adds new Item Shop category with emotes for Imposters mode

Epic recently released its own Imposters mode that improves upon a fan-created version previously available to creative players. The mode is strikingly similar to last year's hit game Among Us, but with some notable differences, including the lack of a simple way to chat with others. That's where special emotes come in.

Imposters is, to put it bluntly, a clone of Among Us with some small changes and a much higher level of polish. The mode involves completing tasks in an underground facility while trying to figure out which two players are imposters...and to avoid being killed by them before you can report them.

Among Us is offered on mobile and desktop, meaning users have the advantage of a proper keyboard for typing messages and pleading their case. That's not really an option for console players, so Epic's communication system is fairly different, including a variety of tailored emotes like finger pointing, as well as some preset phrases that can be shared in a chat stream.

When you get called to a meeting during an Imposters match, you'll have access to some of the key emotes when you pull up the emote menu, including the ability to shake your head and point your finger. Other emotes have been released in the Item Shop, however, that are also useful for communicating a sentiment during these meetings.

Epic has added a new category in the Fortnite Item Shop that makes it easier for players to purchase these useful emotes, assuming they plan to play a bunch of Imposters matches. The category is called "Great for Imposters mode," and it includes things like the face palm emote, "have a seat," the crying emote, and more.