Fortnite adds Aquaman foe Black Manta, teases return of an old weapon

Epic is back with a new Fortnite update that expands upon its Aquaman crossover, adding a supervillain to go alongside the water-based superhero. The playable character was introduced with a new game trailer that includes the brief appearance of a vaulted weapon, stoking hope among players that this legendary assault rifle will soon return to the game.

Black Manta is the villain from the DC Comics' Aquaman universe — the character was first introduced back in 1967. It's not surprising that Epic has added the character to its hit Fortnite game, which has featured an Aquaman crossover from the start of Chapter 2 – Season 3.

Unfortunately, Black Manta is not included as part of the season's battle pass — players will instead need to purchase the skin from the Fortnite Item Shop. Aquaman, meanwhile, is available to unlock now as part of the battle pass for those who have purchased it.

The decision to release Black Manta as a purchasable item isn't terribly surprising — Fortnite has previously seen other superhero arrivals in the form of skins purchased using V-Bucks, including ones like Harley Quinn and Captain America.

Of particular interest is the brief appearance of the Heavy Assault Rifle in the Black Manta trailer, one that was previously vaulted. Players had lamented the loss of this rifle due to its accuracy and suitability for close combat, but the trailer indicates that it may be returning in a future update.