Fortnite 17.2 update adds new default setting, hints at event

This week the folks at Epic updated Fornite to version 17.20, complete with Preferred Item Slots. If you're looking to use Preferred Item Slots, open settings, tap the Game tab, and bang! There it is. It is recommended that you take a peek at this feature before you drop in to your next game as it is ON BY DEFAULT.

For more information on this system, drop in to our recent peek at item slots for Fortnite. This might change the way you play the game. Not much else changed in this newest update in the LIVE game, but several bits leaked in a big way. For example the Grab-Itron weapon. This weapon works like a UFO Traction Beam, allowing you to pull in objects, pick them up, and toss them.

As shown above in a demo by Makks, the versatility of the Grab-Itron weapon is impressive. The size of the object grabbed and thrown and the material with which the object is made affect the damage dealt by the toss!

Now, if only the weapon would allow the user to collect more stuff and roll all of said stuff into a ball. Imagine a Fortnite where we're living like Katamari Damacy, picking up items and making larger and larger balls, smashing everything that gets in the way of said balls. Wouldn't that be neat? Or would that be a different game entirely? In any case, the Grab-Itron is in game files now, and will likely be launched in Fortnite in the imminent future.

There'll also be a new in-game event in Fortnite, coming (hopefully) pretty soon. As harvested by iFireMonkey, new "Special Event Countdown" imagery appeared in the game's most recent update files. You'll see one of those new graphics in the hero image in the article you're reading now! Cross your fingers for an event that's both wild and exciting!