Fortnite 16.10 update will bring a new 'apex predator' to island

A new Fortnite update drops in the early morning hours tomorrow, bringing a number of changes including new items and adjustments to existing weapons. Though we don't have all of the details yet, Epic has revealed several of the changes that will arrive with update 16.10, including the addition of a new 'apex predator.'

Players have been anticipating the arrival of raptors in Fortnite since the current season's release. The battle royale island features large eggs near dinosaur remains and players have assumed due, in part, to unlockable items featuring raptor skulls that live raptors will hatch from the eggs.

These eggs began showing cracks last week, indicating that they will hatch soon. Epic has somewhat confirmed that change will arrive with tomorrow's update, teasing that a new apex predator is coming to the island.

This creature — which wasn't named — will join the existing wolves and wild boars, as well as the prey animals like chickens and frogs. In addition to the new predators, the update will also bring some adjustments to the game's loot and crafting, though we don't yet know what kind of tweaks Epic has planned. Likewise, Creative Powerups support will expand.

As far as the battle royale changes go, the update will tweak the makeshift shotgun and primal shotgun; crafting material costs will scale based on rarity levels, and animal bones and mechanical parts will be available as floor loot.

Finally, Epic notes that today is your last chance to play the Zero Crisis Finale playlist before it is removed.