Fortnite 12.60 update downtime detailed: What to expect

One of the final updates in Fortnite's Chapter 2, Season 2 will arrive tomorrow, Epic Games has announced. The version 12.60 update will go live early in the morning for players in the Eastern Time Zone, giving many fans time for it to download and install the patch before their next gaming session. Epic says with its tweet, "Thank you for being among The Agency's finest."

Epic often releases game updates in the early morning hours in the Eastern Time Zone; that's nothing new. The big mystery is what players can expect. We're getting near the end of the game's Chapter 2, Season 2 (C2S2); the third season was delayed until June 4 for reasons that were never explained.

The update will likely bring expected bug fixes, such as fixing the audio issue involving the disabled Riot Control Baton pickaxe. Players are still anticipating the arrival of the previously leaked Charge Shotgun and Dual Suppressed Pistols, but it's yet to be seen whether either of these will finally arrive in this update.

Of more interest is seeing how much Midas's Doomsday Device will evolve with this new update. Players are expecting, based partly on a major leak earlier this month, that the Doomsday Device will play a major role in flooding the entire island, something that may be the big event that ends Season 2 and ushers in Season 3.

Epic has been hinting at some type of big water event within the game. Signs have appeared in front of homes at a number of locations on the island, each featuring a water event and indicating that salesmen are going door to door offering flood insurance. The island also has small puddles appearing in parking lots, coastlines, and other areas.