Fortnite 11.20 Detailed: Locker Filters, Campfire Stoking, Ammo Counter

Epic has released Fortnite version 11.20, bringing the DirectX 12 support that was promised earlier this week, as well as a number of relatively small changes and several bug fixes. The company has finally released patch notes detailing changes in the update, though it doesn't seem to have covered all of them. Among the details missing is the new ability to stoke campfires.

If you come across a campfire in Fortnite that has already been used, you can refill it with wood to fire it back up and heal. As recently spotted after the 11.20 update, players are now able to stoke the fire by feeding it another 30 wood; doing this speeds up the rate of healing, making it possible to replenish one's health at a rapid speed.

New Campfire mechanic, Costs 30 wood to Stoke fire. FAST HEALING! from r/FortniteCompetitive

In addition -- and also missing from the patch notes -- is a new ammo status icon that appears near the player's crosshairs. With this new icon, it's possible to see how much ammo is left before the gun will need to be reloaded, eliminating the annoying moments when an unexpected reload ruins a battle.

Detailed in the patch notes are Locker filters, which allow users to search for content in the Locker using filters like "Season 1," for example. As well, Epic has added Daily Challenges back into the game and introduced a new feature that enables users to adjust the user interface's contrast level within the Video > Graphics settings menu.

Other changes include the addition of a tutorial playlist in Fortnite Mobile, an unspecified change to the Tactical Shotgun headshot multiplier, and a boost to the effective health provided by the Slurp Tanks. As far as bug fixes go, the update reintroduces the Bandage Bazooka, fixes hitching issues on mobile, fixes the pistol size for the John Wick skin, and other small things.