Fortnite 10.40 will bring major matchmaking change followed by bots

Epic Games dropped a big update this evening, revealing that it will be changing its matchmaking strategy for the battle royale mode in Fortnite starting with its version 10.40 update. In addition, the arrival of Fornite season 11 will introduce an entirely new element in the game that builds upon the new matchmaking system: bots.Fortnite is a battle royale game that addresses the 'dumb luck' factor by adding an element of skill in the form of building. Many players have complained about being easily destroyed by players who have spent more time developing their building and editing skills, the result being difficulty enjoying the game and even more of a struggle when it comes to actually winning a match.

The Team Rumble mode offered something of a solution for these players, presenting them with a way to play that includes respawning. That's not good enough, however, for the players who hope to get their own Victory Royale and to increase their skill level for proper battle royale matches. That's where Epic's newly announced matchmaking change will come in.

With the arrival of the version 10.40 update, Fortnite will match players in core modes with other players who are at a similar skill level. The company plans to roll out this change slowly across the core battle royale modes, giving it time to test the system and keep an eye on how it performs.

Fortnite is in the latter part of its tenth season; when the next season arrives, Epic says it will also introduce bots into the game. These bots will be found in the core game modes, where they'll behave in a way similar to real players while offering 'a better path for players to grow in skill.' These bots will work with the new matchmaking system and are intended for the lesser skilled players. Epic says that as its players improve their skills, they'll face fewer bots.