Fortnite 10.40 brings new aim assist system and The Combine

Epic has released Fortnite update 10.40, adding a number of major changes, including the previously announced matchmaking system, as well as the newly revealed aim assist system update for controllers. As well, players have new controller sensitivity options, including 10 sensitivity presets found in the Advanced Settings screen. Rounding it all out is a new testing ground for these changes called 'The Combine.'

The new controller aim assist system is one of the more exciting aspects of the 10.40 update, offering what Epic describes as 'a more consistent feel' no matter how far away the target is located. The new system adjusts the aim assist strength based on how far the target is located from the weapon's reticle.

As well, the new system is capable of tracking more than one target and using a weighting algorithm to apply assistance in these cases. Epic explains the benefits of these changes; for example, this new algorithm will address game situations in which the arrival of new targets in the field can cause the player to lose aim assistance for the target they're focusing on. On the flip side, Epic says players will no longer be able to 'left trigger spam' the system.

In addition to the new aim assist system, the Fortnite 10.40 update brings new controller sensitivity options and improvements, including more consistent diagonal aiming, build sensitivity multipliers, edit sensitivity multiples, and increased max Build and Edit mode multiplers.

More exciting is the arrival of The Combine, a playlist where players can put their 'skills and muscle memory to the test,' according to Epic. Players need to reach the end of the Combine as fast as possible while taking down targets as they go. This gives players a chance to warm up, test their adjusted settings, or compete with others to get the fastest time.