Formula E Gen2 racing car debuts

Shane McGlaun - Jan 31, 2018, 6:16 am CDT
Formula E Gen2 racing car debuts

Formula E is the electric car racing series and so far, the cars have raced 36 times in 13 cities with 20 different drivers. The racing series has ten teams total and has spanned five continents over the last four years of electric racing action. Formula E has announced that a “new era” in electric racing is here with the unveiling of the Gen2 Formula E racing car.

The first look at the physical car will be at the Geneva motor show on March 6, 2018. The Gen2 cars will be used for the next three seasons and will make its competitive debut in the 2018/2019 racing season. The new racer has twice the energy storage capacity and twice the racing range of the current car. The sanctioning body says that the new cars will let competitors race at higher speeds without having to swap cars mid-race.

Gen2 Formula E cars are said to provide “clear proof” of the advancements in battery and electric tech that has been achieved in four years. That tech will eventually make its way into the electric cars that drive the roads every day.

The Gen2 Formula E car is the first vehicle to have been designed by the FIA governing body of motorsport. The design of the racer is meant to set Formula E apart from any other racing series.

There is no word on the exact driving range, battery size, power, or performance of the new racing car. Perhaps those tidbits will be offered up at the Geneva Motor Show when the car debuts officially.


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