Former Windows hacker joins Apple, helps protect OS X from malware

Apple has hired Kristin Paget, a former Microsoft employee who worked as a hacker for the company, which used her and a few others to find security issues in Windows Vista. After working for Microsoft, Paget was employed by Recursion Ventures, a security firm. Now Apple has snapped her up to focus on security for OS X.

If her LinkedIn profile is anything to go by, Paget now works as Apple's Core OS Security Researcher. She has long been known as an accomplished hacker, having set up a system to intercept cell phone calls during Defcon, among other things. There's no official word on what her tasks are at Apple, aside from the fact that they're security-related.

Rumor has it that Paget is tasked with responsibilities revolving around malware protection. This comes soon after Apple has been forced to deal with the Flashback trojan, something that infected over half a million Macs earlier this year. This is another indication that threats against Macs are growing, and Apple is getting a jump on the issue.

Paget confirmed to Wired that she has been hired by Apple, but declined to offer further comment. Apple likewise declined speaking on the issue. We're not likely to hear much – if anything – on her activities at Apple. She did reveal not too long ago information about her days at Microsoft, however, stating that she and the team were responsible for uncovering so many bugs that Microsoft was forced to extend Vista's shipping date.

[via Wired]