Former iOS designer Scott Forstall reappears

Chris Burns - Dec 10, 2013
Former iOS designer Scott Forstall reappears

After leaving Apple officially at the start of 2013 after what may or may not have been a Maps-related incident for iOS, Scott Forstall hasn’t really appeared on the tech news radar. It’s not as if he’s been in hiding, but he’s certainly not made any late-breaking announcements or hits on the controversy meter for the larger part of the past 11 months. This week it’s being reported that Forstall has been traveling around the world, working on everything from startups to human rights.

Data on Forstall was dug up by Amir Efrati of The Information, where it’s made clear that Forstall hasn’t been sitting quitetly. Forstall worked with a collection of startups around the world. He’s traveled to Italy, he’s traveled to South Africa, and he’s worked with philanthropist groups in the USA.

His focus has moved between education, human rights, and poverty. He’s stayed in touch with VC firms here and there – Kleiner Perkins and Andreessen Horowitz amongst them – but is very possibly now focusing on his “next big thing”. This, according to unnamed Apple employees, could be Forstall’s own company.

Of course what Forstalls next move actually is and what kind of company he’d truly want to aim for is not yet revealed. For that you’ll have to dive into the Forstall search archive here on SlashGear to see if you can decipher he whole Apple career up unto this point. Have a peek!

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