Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar nabs more past colleagues

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 13, 2014
Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar nabs more past colleagues

Hulu’s former CEO Jason Kilar, who was in the news frequently last year, has nabbed more former colleagues from the video service for his new — and rather secretive — Fremont Project. He has hired three more former Hulu workers, expanding upon the number he picked up late last year.

The Fremont Project, which gets its name from the intriguing Seattle neighborhood by the same name, is a startup based in San Francisco that plans to offer premium newspaper and magazine content to users. There aren’t a lot of details at this point, but more have emerged in recent weeks that give a framework for his ambitions.

Back in November, it was reported Kilar had hired Hulu’s Product Vice President Loon Lee, as well as Hulu’s Head of Recruiting Megan Healey. These folks joined the likes of former Hulu CTO Richard Tom and Hulu’s ad business man Jean-Paul Colaco. In the late summer, Kilar also hired Hulu’s Senior Software Developer Zachary Pinter.

Now, reports the folks at GigaOm, Kilar has hired more of his former colleagues: Hulu’s Director of Finance Brent Conkling, who now serves on the Fremont Project under the same name, and former Hulu worker Steve DeMain, who is serving as Director of Advertising. Former Hulu-er Anthony Di Muccio has also jumped aboard.


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