Forget smartwatches, Lumo smart shorts track the way you run

Fitness bands and smartwatches that can be used for tracking movement are placed on our wrists because, well, that's the most convenient, inconspicuous, and comfortable location for a more or less general purpose wearable. That doesn't mean, however, that it's the most effective spot. Or at least that's the idea that Lumo is trying to sell with its Rum smart shorts. Yes, shorts that have sensors much closer to where the action is, that is, your core, hips, and legs, to give you a more accurate readout of your running performance.

Don't worry, it's not the whole shorts that is "smart". It's really only the waistband, as it is the part that conceals the motion sensor. Than 9-axis inertia measurement unit or IMU is said to be able to measure each and every critical aspect of a run, from your cadence or steps per minute, to the amount of time your foot stays on the ground, to your stride. These pieces of information can be instantly relayed to your iPhone via a Bluetooth module. The accompanying app can then make real-time recommendations that it communicates via earphones or headset.

But don't worry if you're the type that prefers to run with your phone at home. It can also store the data until the time yo reconnect your shorts and your phone and then the app will simply offer post-run analysis instead.

Lumo has been doing these kinds of "unique" wearables since last year, ranging from a smart waistband like this to a smart collar that tracks posture in addition to movement. After all, nobody said wearables need be on your wrists or head only. Some might question whether there is scientific proof that having the sensors closer to your actual, er, running parts produces more accurate data, but the theory does sound logical.

The Lumo Run smart shorts is available in very limited forms and colors, capri for women and regular running shorts for men, both only in black. The shorts can be machine washed but it isn't recommend to tumble dry them. For the pre-order period, up until October 21st, the shorts will cost $99. After that, the price jumps to $149.


VIA: Gizmag