Ford2Go car sharing program launches in Germany

Automaker Ford has announced that it has launched a new Ford2Go car sharing program with its German dealer network. Ford is working with its German dealers Association and DB Rent GmbH, which is the company behind the Flinkster car sharing platform. Ford2Go will be the first automotive manufacturer backed nationwide car sharing program incorporating dealerships.

The service will allow participating Ford dealers across Germany to offer cars and service to customers in their town allowing drivers easy access to shared vehicles. This car sharing program is one of the key elements for the future of mobility that Executive Chairman Bill Ford talked about during his keynote speech delivered at Mobile World Congress last year.

According to a poll conducted by Ford, over half of European drivers would consider car sharing through a formal program or private arrangements. The survey showed that drivers see car sharing as a particularly viable option in urban areas where parking can be a challenge. The survey also looked at motivation for drivers interested in car sharing.

Of the 56% of those surveyed interested in car sharing, 27% of those said that they were most interested in reduced travel costs. Another 26% said they were interested in car sharing based on convenience of location and operating hours. The company helping Ford with its car sharing program has a web-based car booking system and applications for the iPhone and Android devices. Ford says the program will be rolled out throughout the coming year and any of its 527 dealerships, 257 affiliated branches, and 1083 Ford-authorized repair shops will be able to participate in the program.

[via Ford]