Ford SYNC pairs with Amazon Echo and Alexa

Ford's newest play for the smart experience is pairing their SYNC-equipped vehicles with Amazon Echo and Alexa. At CES 2016, Ford has announced that they are developing ways to pair "millions of SYNC-equipped vehicles" around the world with smart products in your home. To begin, they're working with SYNC Connect, pushing connections to Amazon's products – Amazon Echo and their smart assistant system Alexa. This connection will allow voice control access between smart cars and smart homes.

With SYNC Connect and Amazon Echo, Ford drivers will be able to "request assistance with various functions of their car," including starting and stopping their vehicle, locking and unlocking their doors, and stating the range and charge status of their electric vehicle.

This system also allows users to check their fuel level (as far as miles-to-empty goes), state the vehicle milage, and provide the vehicle's location with street name and driving time, as well as mileage home. This will be particularly helpful when you're waiting for your significant other to pick you up from home to go out and get pizza after work.

Above you'll see a video showing how this system will be put in place in Ford vehicles with SYNC.

"Connecting homes and cars is all about making life easier and convenient for our customers," said Don Butler, Ford executive director, Connected Vehicle and Services. "As smart homes and smart cars continue to evolve, SYNC technology makes it easy to implement features that will make life better and more convenient for our customers."