Ford SYNC 3 AppLink projects apps to dash touchscreen

Despite what common sense says, people still use their smartphones while driving. It has become so bad that such activities have been made illegal in many jurisdictions. Users will argue, on the other hand, that they're merely using the navigation apps on their phone. To no longer give such users and excuse, Ford is revealing the latest AppLink capability of its new SYNC 3 which practically transfers the display and control of such an app from your smartphone to the convenience and safety of you car's dash screen.

From smartphone to dash. That is the spiel that Ford is making with the new SYNC AppLink feature. The idea is that, though you will still inevitably glance at the car's dash or operate it, it is still far safer than reaching out for your smartphone.

It doesn't happen magically and for all apps, however. AppLink compatible apps must be developed as such. Once connected to the dash via a USB cable, the app "disappears" from the phone and transfers to the car touch screen. This ensures that you won't be able to use the phone that way at all.

As mentioned, developers need to explicitly add support for SYNC AppLink in their apps. The first to have done so is Sygic, which will be making its Car Navigation app safely available on Ford cars. The SYNC AppLink feature itself, however, won't be available until later and on 2018 models only.