Ford Sets All-Time Record For Hybrid Market Share

Ford has announced that it has achieved an all-time high hybrid market share with its Fusion Hybrid. Ford also dilutes that most of its gain came from Toyota sliding in the hybrid market. Ford says that its hybrid market share jumped nearly 9% between December 2011 and December of 2012.

Almost all of that gain came from Toyota with Ford reporting that Toyota's share of the hybrid market dropped 8%. Ford also brags that its Fusion Hybrid set an all-time monthly sales record in December of 2012 with 3244 units sold. Ford is also predicting the best January ever projecting 5500 Fusion Hybrids and C-Max Hybrids will sell this month.

Ford says that much of its success in the hybrid market comes thanks to its more stylish and technology-laden Fusion Hybrid compared to the previous model of the Fusion Hybrid and other hybrids on the market including the Camera Hybrid. Ford says that almost 70% of Fusion Hybrid sales are conquest sales landing new customers for the brand.

Ford says that during Q4 2012 it sold more hybrid vehicles than any other quarter in the company's history. Total hybrid sales during Q4 for Ford were 19,554 units. That was a 193% gain over any previous quarter on record. Ford says that its demographic data also suggests that the Fusion Hybrid is appealing to younger buyers outside the traditional hybrid vehicle buyer demographic. The average age of a Fusion Hybrid buyer is now 48.

[via Ford]